Walking with Anthony Schrag

I spent a lovely few hours last Friday walking with Anthony Schrag ,who is journeying on foot in a Contemporary Pilgrimage from Huntly in Aberdeenshire to the Venice Biennale. It was starting to rain when we met at Bonchester Bridge, but not even heavy showers affected our enjoyment of the walk and chat. We talked of art and gender, belief systems and rites of passage as we made our way towards the Cheviot Hills, bearing in mind that the land we were traversing would have been classed as dangerous territory a few hundred years ago. Buzzards occasionally circling above us, seemed to emphasise that point.

Anthony, with so many miles to cover, has to maintain a certain pace each day but as we were making good time, he agreed to walk slowly with me in the last few hundred metres to the English border at Carter Bar. It was quite surreal going so slowly, one footstep at a time, with traffic on the A68 whizzing past. He is pondering where the art is in the walk to Venice. I think it is in the experience, in the walking and meeting, talking and relating. Just being in the world walking, being open to whatever arises in the moment is an art in itself. And who knows, when we are really present and aware of the land we are walking through, where the creative impulse will take us?

With Anthony Schrag at his first border crossing




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