Community Woodland Project

It was in the middle of winter that I first visited Lochend Woods in Dunbar, a grey and bitingly cold Sunday morning. I was not feeling inspired and was about to give up and go home when it started to snow and then hail very hard. Taking shelter in the trees, I was struck by a new magical atmosphere all around me, something of the spirit of the place seemed to be speaking to me.

Hail in the Woods


When the hail stopped, I walked out onto a spot where four paths crossed in the centre of the wood and I began to formulate an idea……….




Since that day, I have been back to the woods many times and have seen that meeting point change with the seasons as I have become more familiar with the paths.



In a week’s time four groups of people will walk very slowly along the four different paths until they meet at the centre and move around each other in order to travel on.

A lot of work has been done already and more still to do……




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